Neo Tango Rage Australia is a three-day, international, modern Tango dance event. A creative audiovisual setting, alternative music and relaxed dance protocols will whisk you away into a Tango world never before experienced in Australia. Embark on this journey for inspiration to explore new ideas in Tango.



at the Neo Tango Rage is for curious and explorative Tango dancers open to different musical styles and genres other than those played at traditional milongas. Whilst essentially keeping the strength of the traditional Tango connection with your partner, couples can decide to enrich the dance by moves and attitudes taken from modern Tango and other dance styles. What matters is to express yourself, respect the other dancers and dance counter clock wise.


is alternative and not Nuevo or Electro Tango!
Although Nuevo and Electro Tango may be played in limited quantity during the Rage, the focus is much more about exploring a rich diversity of musical styles and genres.  The music will drive participants to dance Tango whilst arousing their curiosity and willingness to explore unexpected musical domains. The tunes will primarily be alternative music that will still enable Tango dancers to integrate Tango steps and movements from traditional Tango.


will have you dancing in a unique three-dimensional atmosphere.
Unlike traditional Tango festivals, the staging of Neo Tango Rage will award you with 360° colourful visual effects, enhanced by floating drapery through which you can navigate with your partner.


(with courtesy from Raffaella Tempesta Neolonga Paris)


1. The Invitation

  1. We invite the way we want such as with a mirada, a cabeceo, words, gestures, flowers, a smile…up to our creativity.
  2. We all have the right to invite. Followers can invite leaders, leaders can invite followers.
  3. We invite who we want to. Women can invite men or women, men can invite women or men.
  4. We have the right to say yes or no (very gently though!).

2. The Dancing

  1. Male followers are as welcomed as are female leaders
  2. We dance as many tunes as we want with the same dance partner (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)
  3. We dance to our liking be it open embrace, close embrace, milonguero style, fusion… while respecting the space of others and moving counter clockwise
  4. Our attitude is to remain aware of others on the dance floor and be respectful of their space; be polite, considerate, sharing, happy and positive.

3. The DJing

  1. There will be no Cortinas played at the Neo Tango Rage.


Neo Tango Rage Australia is not questioning what real Tango is, rather it is about exploring what works and how we can have fun with it.